Our recording studio based in Manchester is a perfect place for those who want to achieve good quality recordings without the need to spend a lot. Our studio is divided into a control room and a vocal booth and we offer 12 simultaneous inputs which is plenty for solo / acoustic artists, vocalists, rappers, etc. If you would like us to record your full band we are also capable of doing so - this is where our problem solving skills come in handy.

We are located just a 10 minute walk from Deansgate and a 3 minute walk from Cornbrook metrolink station. Let us know if you want to see what we offer before you commit to a day of recording by dropping us an e-mail.

You can book studio time using the calendar below. If you would like to make special arrangements or ask us a question about booking please feel free to contact us.

Booking Calendar


We offer mix and mastering services to those who want their music to sound professional. Our mix / mastering engineers are experienced in mixing genres such as rock, pop and rap and are ready to provide you with an excellent service. All you do is provide us with audio tracks of your recording and we take care of the rest.

If you want to send us your recordings digitally, we can arrange some server space especially for your files. Alternatively, you can use any of the free hosting services. is one of the websites we use regularly. You can also use dropbox or google drive.

You can also book a mix / mastering session with us using the contact form below. Our sessions are not time dependent and you are, of course, welcome to attend those sessions and give your thoughts about the sound you want to achieve. Our prices start at £15 per song (depending on genre/amount of work) and we try to not exceed £30.


If you are a film maker who is looking for someone to work on sound for your video then this service is for you. We have experienced sound technicians / boom operators in our team who can take care of a very important part of your production. We also offer audio post production and sound design, making this service a complete solution for those seeking good audio in their film.

Our sound guys come with their own equipment. This includes a portable sound recorder, boom, a microphone and a blimp windscreen.

In addition to that, we are able to move a large part of our Recording Studio into any location, making us able to capture studio-quality audio wherever and whenever you want.


Please get in touch using the form below if you are interested in any of our Audio services.